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Active Investments

LiDAR and 3D sensor

Abax Sensing

ABAX is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of solid-state LiDAR system, 3D sensor, and core chips, committed to become a world-class supplier of optical 3D sensors. The company is headquartered in Ningbo (CN).

Hyperlocal air quality measurement platform


Aclima has pioneered an entirely new way to measure and analyze air pollution and greenhouse gases, block by block and around the world. The Aclima hardware and software technology platform translates billions of scientific measurements from its network of stationary and roving sensors into environmental intelligence for governments, communities, and businesses.

IoT connectivity platform


Actility is a global leader in LPWA networks. The company combines in-depth industry knowledge, a world-leading IoT technology platform, and a fast-growing network of partners to help you make your business more efficient and more sustainable. Actility is headquartered in Paris (FR).

3D computer vision platform


Airy3D has developed a 3D computer vision platform that consists of a simple Transmissive Diffraction Mask (TDM) that converts any 2D camera sensor into a versatile 3D sensor at a fraction of the manufacturing cost compared to competition solutions. The company is headquartered in Montreal (CA).

Generative AI made in Europe

Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha was founded in 2019 with the mission to research and build the foundational technology for an era of strong AI. The team of international scientists, engineers, and innovators researches, develops, and deploys transformative AI like large language and multimodal models and runs the fastest European commercial AI cluster. Its generative AI solutions are the prime choice for enterprises and governmental institutions seeking to retain independence, secure their data, and build trustworthy solutions.

MLOps open source platform and tools

Allegro AI

Allegro AI helps companies develop, deploy and manage deep learning & machine learning based solutions with a focus on unstructured data. With Allegro AI, businesses are able to bring to market and then manage higher quality products, faster and more cost effectively. Allegro AI’s products are based on the Allegro AI Trains open source ML & DL experiment manager and AI-specific DevOps package.

Automotive grade GNSS chip


Allystar is a leading provider of GNSS chips and solutions. It is dedicated to designing, integration, production, testing, and sales of GNSS algorithm, chipsets, modules and terminals. With years of successful IC design experience, Allystar has made remarkable achievements in multi-band GNSS System-On-Chip (SoC) products and solutions. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen (CN).

Italy / Switzerland
Open-Source software and hardware ecosystem for embedded systems


Arduino is an Open Source company, focusing on empowering a new generation of professional engineers with enterprise scale applications.

High-Speed composites manufacturing


Arris is a global manufacturing technology leader. Their Additive Molding™ invention is a high-speed composites manufacturing technology combining continuous aligned fibers, electronics, and metallic components within topology-optimized structures. This revolutionary design, materials, and manufacturing platform enables lighter, faster, stronger, more intelligent products letting brands to completely reimagine their products.

Internet of Vehicle platform


AutoAI, founded in April 2018, is the developer and operator of intelligent connected vehicle services for the internet of vehicles. Their platform includes in-vehicle components, like a telematics box and a vehicle optimized Android operating system, as well as data collection, storage and analysis solutions in the cloud. It further enables service and content provisioning.

High-performance automotive middleware


AutoCore powers next-generation vehicles with innovative middleware. With tailored software for electrical and electronic architecture (EEA) the Chinese company leverages the value chain of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their technology contains autonomous driving solutions as well as operating systems.

Silicon carbide power semiconductor device

BASiC Semiconductor

BASiC Semiconductor is the domestic leader in SiC power device with potential to become a world-class IDM. BASiC has independently developed capabilities across the SiC industrial value chain from epitaxial preparation, chip design and wafer processing to packaging, testing and circuit application.

High-precision positioning components


ByNav is a manufacturer and developer of Global Navigating Satelite Systems (GNSS). The company's products include OEM receivers, high precision boards, precision receivers, automotive-grade positioning units, INS receivers, and more, thereby providing clients with credible centimeter-level positioning for the driving test system in various cities across the country.

Fuel cell and electric commercial vehicle start-up


Cavan is committed to building a new ecological solution for green transportation and green energy. Cavan focuses on FCEV and BEV, building exclusive new vehicle platforms for mini-VAN, light- and heavy trucks and core modules, and expanding city cluster- and inter-city logistics scenarios and ecosystems. Cavan is a spin-off from BAIC Foton, which is a top commercial vehicle OEM in China.

High conductance flexible circuit


CelLink is an early-stage hardware startup that is developing a flexible conductive backplane for power electronics, including batteries, light-emitting diodes, wire harnessing, solar cells, and other devices requiring power transmission.

cylib logo
Battery recycling


Aachen based company cylib offers an innovative and sustainable end-to-end technology for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, enabling a true circular economy. The company was founded in 2022 in Aachen, Germany, by Lilian Schwich (CEO), Paul Sabarny (CTO) and Dr Gideon Schwich (COO).

Agricultural soil sensors and analytics


CropX is an ag-analytics company, develops cloud based software solutions integrated with wireless sensors, which boosts crops yield and saves water and energy. It offers advanced adaptive irrigation software service that delivers crop yield increase, and water and energy cost saving services while conserving the environment.

Simulation tool for battery design


Electroder develops a simulation tool for battery design. The company provides reliable and effective battery design services for industrial businesses, committing in lithium-ion, solid state, fuel cell battery design service and software.

AI-enabled diabetes care


Emperra revolutionizes Diabetes mellitus patient care. Their digital solutions provide real time factual analytics enabling caregivers to focus on patients with medical needs while empowering patients to take charge of their Diabetes.

Contextual customer experience platform


Flybits Mobile Solutions for Enterprises allow companies and governments to engage their customers/citizens with a context adaptive second screen experience. These white-labeled solutions can help increase sales of goods and services, increase brand value and customer satisfaction and improve utilization of physical infrastructure.

Next generation non-volatile memory


FMC is developing most advanced ferroelectric hafnium oxide memory technology to deliver leading-edge non-volatile memory for future electronics and computing innovation. The company is working with major semiconductor companies for its embedded and stand-alone memory solution.

Accelerator for AI workloads


Intelligent Processor Units (IPU) optimized for machine learning tasks in the cloud and embedded applications.

Microconvective liquid cooling


JetCool's microconvective cooling technology enhances sustainability, reduces carbon emissions, and improves performance in data centers, high-performance computing, and AI workloads, supporting semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs, and hyperscalers in their mission of greater efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Battery recycling

Jin Sheng

Jin Sheng is a leading battery recycle solution provider located in Zhaoqing (CN). It mainly recovers and produces battery grade nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, manganese sulfate, lithium sulfate, etc. from metals such as ternary battery waste and intermediate products through hydrometallurgical processes.

Next-generation circular materials supply chain solutions for lithium-ion batteries

Li Industries

Li Industries is a climate tech company focused on developing next-generation circular materials supply chain solutions for lithium-ion batteries to enhance both the sustainability and the economics of the lithium-ion battery material supply.

3D light field holographic display

Light Field Lab

Light Field Lab is developing an interactive 3D light field holographic display which can scale to a wide range of sizes (from 6 to 18 inches) and stacked together for different applications.

Immersive real-time AR/VR collaboration

Masters of Pie

Masters of Pie are developers of the “Radical” framework which allows Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to be leveraged for next generation collaboration that accesses, visualizes and pushes heavy duty enterprise data both ways in real time.

Robotic automation platform


MegaRobo is a developer of collaborative robotic solutions based on cutting-edge robotics and AI technology to provide innovative automation solutions for life science, retail and light industrial sectors.

Trucking fleet management software platform

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin)

Motive offers an integrated and automated fleet management platform. Motive provides a complete solution that gives fleet managers a holistic view of their overall operations and helps drive greater efficiency, better safety and dynamic individualized coaching and feedback.

The Intelligent Continuous Delivery Platform


Improve the productivity of DevOps teams with OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD). Automate workflows leveraging AI/ML and the central policy engine to increase the velocity, quality and security of software deliveries.

Solutions for indoor coverage of 5G and Wi-Fi 6


PHYTunes is a Palo Alto, CA based deep tech company focused on improving High Frequency 5G, 6G and Wi-Fi 6 coverage inside of buildings. It has addressed this critical problem by developing a wireless-wireline convergence solution that enables propagation of mid-band and mmWave 5G signals over existing in-building cabling.

Manufacturing data that (finally) connects the supply chain

Pico MES

Pico MES is a fresh approach to factory operating systems and enables a connected environment to limitless factory tools, capturing data for visibility into the supply chain.

Cloud Connect For the Terabit Era


Point2 Technology designs and manufactures ultra-low power, low-latency, point-to-point interconnect and range enhancement mixed-signal SoC solutions purpose-built to meet the bandwidth requirements of hyperscale AI/ML data centers and 5G infrastructure. Founded by an accomplished team from Marvell, Finisar and Samsung, Point2 is a leading innovator that is reimagining data center and 5G cloud infrastructure interconnects in the multi-terabit era.

Neuromorphic vision system


Prophesee develops innovative machine vision sensors and systems for applications in all fields of machine vision. The sensor technology is inspired by biological eyes, acquiring and processing the visual information in an extremely performing yet highly efficient way.

Real-time communication platform


PubNub powers low-latency messaging across any device, any platform, anywhere in the world. Their simple APIs and SDKs enable developers to connect, build, and scale real-time applications on the PubNub Data Stream Network.

Quantum computer technology platform

Quantum Motion

Quantum Motion is developing a revolutionary Quantum Computer technology platform; not just a qubit, but a scalable array of qubits based on the ubiquitous silicon technology already used to manufacture the chips in smartphones and computers.

AI-powered vision cognition system


Recogni develops an AI-powered inferencing and perception platform for autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications. Their power-efficient processor and perception software enables high-resolution and high-frame-rate image processing from multiple cameras concurrently in real time.

Precision force control systems

Robust Motion

The company develops intelligent electric cylinder products and electric grippers for a broad range of use cases. The company's products especially high-precision torque control technology, providing solutions starting from circuit and battery manufactures, up to space-tech producers.

Photonic Integrated Circuits


Scintil Photonics develops and markets Photonic Integrated Circuits. (Integrated laser arrays, multiple of 800 Gbit/sec transmitters and receivers, tunable transmitters and receivers, as well as Optical I/O for near chip and chip-chip communication).

End-to-end internet of things


End to end IoT solution provider. Products include Alpha communication protocol, sensor nodes, base stations, data analytics and cloud services for IoT applications.

Auto-driving SoC


SingGo is an autonomous SoC startup spun-off from the listed cloud AI processor company Cambricon for autonomous driving.

Digital construction verification platform


SiteAware is the industry’s first Digital Verification platform for construction, enabling real estate developer and contractors to lower construction risk and maximize quality. The AI based platform verifies completeness of work and identifies deviations in real-time.

Enterprise-grade data integration solutions


Striim provides enterprise-grade data integration solutions to enable cloud adoption, hybrid cloud data integration, and real-time operations. Striim makes it easy to continuously ingest and process large volumes of streaming data from diverse sources, and deliver to virtually any on-prem or cloud target with sub-second latency.

High-performance hyperconverged infrastructure stack


Sunlight has developed a next generation hyperconverged infrastructure stack for deployment on premise, in the cloud and in hybrid environments. Sunlight enables significant consolidation of IT hardware, resulting in large cost savings.

Ultra-low-power neural decision processors


Syntiant moves deep learning from the cloud to edge devices by designing, producing and selling ultra-low-power Neural Decision Processor (NDP) semiconductor solutions. Ideally suited for voice, sensor and vision applications from mobile phones and wearable devices to smart sensors and drones, Syntiant’s NDPs utilize custom neural networks to optimize deep learning functions at the transistor level.

Performance monitoring and optimization of equipment for fleet operators


Provider of advanced analytics and intelligence solutions, offers a cloud-based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for performance monitoring and optimization of equipment for fleet operators and manufacturers in mining, construction and logistics.

Intelligent mobility analytics platform


Teralytics is developing a intelligent mobility analytics platform to provide unprecedented insights on human mobility to help customers understanding the mobility demand to deliver services at the right place and time.

Sharing household products


Tulu reshapes the way urban dwellers use and consume household products by provide on-demand access to the day-to-day things residents want and need, from home essentials to printers and scooters.

Full-stack autonomous trucking platform


TrunkTech is committed to the industrialization of autonomous driving technology of logistics, including port transportation, high-speed transportation and urban transportation. With the strength of perception, decision making, control, and implementation, TruckTech has become the leading player in several segments of autonomous driving in China.

Full-stack autonomous driving platform


UISEE's full-stack self-driving platform enables vehicles to transport people and goods safely and efficiently across the world. Its self-driving logistics solution has been running in Hong Kong International Airport and famous factories commercially. UISEE cooperated with top auto manufactures and launched self-driving mini-Bus operation, as well as Robotaxi's testing.

Highly integrated 3D touch sensor


UltraSense developed the world’s smallest and most integrated 3D ultrasound sensor - virtually any material, with any thickness can become a button or gesture for new user interfaces.

Filter for spectral IR camera


Camera Colour Filtering using a MEMS based tuneable filter.

Precision medicine


Variantyx is a genomic precision medicine company, offering advanced diagnostic tests for genetic disorders and oncology to clinicians and pharmaceutical companies. The solutions are based on a proprietary whole genome backbone platform-method and powered by unique data.

Connected home quality of experience monitoring


Veego develops software that provides visibility into IoT networks as well as the ability to manage, detect errors, repair, debug and update the network remotely (as well as specific IoT devices containing the VGO agent).

Non-intrusive construction process optimization


Versatile’s non-intrusive construction technology gives construction professionals hard data for easier decision-making.

Multicore microprocessor


XMOS is a leading provider of voice interface solutions. Now on its second generation, the xCORE-200 family of Multicore Microcontrollers is pushing the boundaries of quality and integration - delivering the most comprehensive Voice User Interface (VUI) controller solutions for IoT devices.

Vertical gallium nitride device

Ziener Technology

Ziener Technology is a manufacturer of gallium nitride. It focuses on the research & development and production of new silicon-based gallium nitride chips and their co-packaged devices, providing users with efficient power management systems.

Industrial IoT for smart manufacturing

Ziyun Technology

Ziyun Technology is a company which is focusing on discrete manufacturing industry. By collecting data with its own IoT DTU and building a data lake, Ziyun can help a factory to get through the IT systems.

Past Investments

Autonomous mobile robot


Aethon is the only provider of an autonomous mobile robot which is integrated with delivery tracking software, creating a platform to automate a hospital’s internal logistics and supply processes. Their solution is installed in over 140 hospitals and can improve the performance of multiple hospital departments.

AImotive Autonomous driving software and hardware


AImotive focuses on automotive computer vision, artificial intelligence and navigation technologies. The startup’s aim is to revolutionize the automotive industry by developing cost-effective Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) software for next-generation application processors.

Advanced analytics interface

Alpine Data Labs

Alpine Data Labs has developed the world’s first collaborative, code-free, advanced analytics solution for Big Data. The company’s mission is to give everyone in an organization the power to create and share analytics instantly, without compromise. The company was headquartered in San Francisco (CA, USA). Acquired by TIBCO.

Cardiac output and hemodynamic monitoring

Cheetah Medical

Cheetah Medical is a leader in non-invasive Cardiac Output and Hemodynamic monitoring. Its NICOM is now used by leading medical centers around the globe providing clinicians with invaluable clinical information in complicated scenarios. The company was headquartered in Tel-Aviv (IL) with offices in the US and Europe. Acquired by Baxter.

High-definition mapping and localization


DeepMap's mission is to accelerate safe autonomy by providing the world's best HD mapping and localization services. Collectively, the team has built mapping technologies in use by tens of millions of people daily. The Company is headquartered in Palo Alto (US). Acquired by Nvidia.

Parallel solar technology

eIQ Energy

eIQ Energy has developed a disruptive DC/DC converter technology that makes solar PV systems work at their peak efficiency. The company was headquartered in San Jose (CA, USA).

GaN epitaxial wafer


EpiGaN is providing world-leading III-nitride epitaxial material solutions for top performance power semiconductor devices. The company is a spin-off of imec and headquartered in Hasselt (BE). Acquired by Soitec.

Advanced computer vision

Flyby Media

Flyby Media is an innovative start-up with core expertise in advanced computer vision technology. The vision of the company is to change the way people discover, capture and share the moments that make life wonderful. The company was headquartered in New York (NY, USA). Acquired.

Edge AI software platform


FogHorn is a leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications. FogHorn’s software platform brings the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to the on-premise edge environment enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, asset performance optimization, operational intelligence and predictive maintenance use cases. The company is headquartered in Mountain View (US). Acquired by Johnson Controls.

Bionic Demand Planning


Garvis develops AI-powered software designed to improve the way organizations plan their supply chain by providing the capability to use digital insights. The software puts the planner in control of user-trainable AI, process control, and data-wrangling capabilities, enabling companies to onboard, adapt, and understand the environment without external support to the external changes in the world. The company is headquartered in Antwerpen (BE). Acquired by Logility.

Molecular diagnostic platform

GNA Biosolutions

GNA Biosolutions GmbH, a manufacturer of ultrafast pathogen diagnostic instruments. Working with a laser-based PCR process, GNA facilitates reliable pathogen detection. The company is headquartered in Martinsried (DE). Acquired.

Ultra low power transceiver chips


GreenPeak is a fabless semiconductor company and is a leader in ultra low power wireless (IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee) and battery-free communication technology for consumer electronics, and wireless sense and control applications. The company was headquartered in Utrecht (NL) with sales offices in the US and Asia. Acquired by Qorvo.

Proximity sensing and 3D gesture recognition

IDENT Technology

IDENT Technology AG provides technology solutions for working with e-fields in near-field communication and gesture controlled human-machine-interface. it serves consumer electronics, white goods, building management, healthcare, telecommunication, gaming, toys, and automotive industries. The company was headquartered in Wessling (DE). Acquired by Microchip.

Data science platform


iguazio was founded in 2014 with a fresh approach to the data challenges faced by today’s enterprises. Iguazio was headquartered in Herzliya (IL). Exited in 2023

Multi-gas sensing solution


InSyte’s complete end-to-end miniaturized, novel environmental (electro-chemical) single-chip multi-gas sensing solution is highly differentiated with strong technology IP and ideally positioned to leverage mobile device trend of augmenting natural human perception/sensing capabilities, specifically olfactory systems with gas sensors.

Hardware-intrinsic security

Intrinsic ID

Intrinsic ID delivers unclonable identities for securing the Internet of Things. Their BroadKey and QuiddiKey products can be used to efficiently create a unique and intrinsic “fingerprint” using a device’s physical properties, thereby making the IoT an operationally and economically scalable business. Acquired by Synopsys.

Trapped ion quantum computing


IonQ develops and commercializes Quantum Computers. Its trapped-ion approach offers the most promise for making reliable, scalable quantum computing a reality. By manipulating individual atoms, it has the potential to one day solve problems beyond the capabilities of even the largest supercomputers. The company is headquartered in College Park (US). Listed NYC:IONQ

Advanced imaging and digital collaboration

Light Blue Optics

Light Blue Optics develops and supplies advanced user-interface technology in high-volume applications in markets including education, training, corporate boardrooms and consumer electronics. Their software is embedded in cutting-edge interactive flat-panel displays and projection-based whiteboards sold by market leaders, providing best-in-class performance at affordable cost. The company is headquartered in Cambridge (UK) with an office in San Mateo (CA, USA). Acquired by Lifesize.

Intelligent computer vision platform


Modcam has taken a technology leap to create a platform for intelligent computer vision applications. Their platform is tailored for video content analytics through in-depth knowledge about image processing and the interaction between software, hardware and camera sensor. The company was headquartered in Malmö (SW). Acquired by Cisco.

Computer vision processor


Movidius designs compact, high-performance, ultralow power, multi-core, computational image-processor chips, software and development tools and reference designs, to revolutionize computational imaging and computer vision on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and electronic eyewear. The company was headquartered in San Mateo (USA) with design centers in Dublin (IE) and Timisoara (RO). Acquired by Intel.

Handheld fundus camera and software solutions


Optomed is an innovative medical technology company that specializes in retinal imaging devices and solutions. Optomed’s key product is Smartscope® PRO, a modular hand-held retinal camera for screening and diagnosis of various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. The company is headquartered in Oulu (FI).

Computer vision and depth sensing

Pebbles Interfaces

Pebbles Interfaces has developed a gesture recognition platform which will revolutionize the way people interact with the digital world. The company has developed advanced motion sensors that display physical objects within the digital space, at any range or angle, with no latency. The company was headquartered in Kfar Saba (IL). Acquired by Facebook.

Collaboration and training platform for manufacturers


Poka is a web and mobile app designed specifically for manufacturers to facilitate knowledge sharing, on-the-job training and performance support. It gives factory workers instant access to videos, work instructions and other information they need to learn new skills, perform tasks, and trouble-shoot problems directly at their workstations. The company is headquartered in Quebec (CA).

Advanced infrared sensor


Pyreos has developed a unique thin-film, MEMS-based IR sensor technology for high performance components, handheld spectrometers , or complete industrial monitoring solutions. The technology enables new possibilities in terms of performance, size, cost and overall robustness. The company is headquartered in Edinburgh (UK).

Intelligent navigation system for home robots


RobArt focuses on the development of navigation systems for autonomous robotic household devices. Its unique navigation unit enables manufacturers of consumer market products to easily generate intelligent robotic devices for applications such as floor cleaning, home security, fetch and carry or elderly care. The company is headquartered in Linz (AT).

Industrial control system security


SecurityMatters is a leading provider of cyber resilience for Industrial Control Systems. Its automated network and situational awareness platform translates complex and hidden problems and threat indicators into clear and actionable intelligence. The company has installations across three continents, covering multiple market verticals including power generation, power transmission & distribution, drinking water, oil & gas, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical and infrastructure. The company was headquartered in Eindhoven (NL). Acquired by ForeScout.

Signal separation technology

Setem Technologies

Setem Technologies was the pioneer in Blind Source Signal Separation technology for audio and speech applications. Setem’s software-only approach could separate a speaker or target singal from background noise for dramatic improvements in speech recognition accuracy and voice communication. The company was headquarterd in Newbury (MA, USA). Acquired.

Wireless sensor networks and analytics


SynapSense is a leading provider of energy efficiency-focused, Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions that deliver unparalleled visibility, resiliency, and reliability in leading data centers around the world. SynapSense technology has helped optimize data centers in more than 25 different vertical market segments. The company was headquartered in Folsom (CA, USA) with an office in Singapore. Acquired by Panduit.

4D LiDAR camera


TetraVue’s Smart Vision products take an entirely new approach to Time of Flight (TOF) technology and is the successful result of several years of experimental research. It’s designed to optimally perform in a wide array of industries, ranging from autonomous vehicles, to manufacturing, engineering, robotics, as well as for Virtual and Augmented reality applications in gaming and filming. The company is headquartered in Vista (US).

Electric out-board motors


Torqeedo is a world-leading manufacturer of electric out-board motors for boats. The company offers a wide range of products from 1 to 80 horsepower equivalent with innovative accessories such as solar charging technology and powerful lithium batteries. The company was headquartered in Gilching (DE). Acquired by DEUTZ.

Contactless pattern transfer printing


Utilight has developed a revolutionary contactless pattern transfer printing technology for the metallization of c-Si solar cells. The developed technology significantly increases solar cell efficiency while reducing PV manufacturing costs. The company has developed strategic partnerships with leading solar cell manufacturers. It was headquartered in Yavne (IL). Acquired.

Waveguide for AR wearables


WaveOptics has demonstrated a disruptive process for designing and manufacturing stunningly beautiful and truly wearable see through AR displays. The technology is based upon close to three years of research undertaken by the founders in conjunction with over 50 years of cumulative team experience in the field of optics with a specific focus on head mounted and head. The company HQ was in Abingdon-on-Thames (UK). Acquired by Snap.

On-demand manufacturing marketplace


Xometry wasthe largest marketplace for custom manufacturing, connecting customers with optimal manufacturing solutions through proprietary AI algorithms. IPO in 2021.

Quantum computing and AI platform

Zapata AI

Zapata AI builds Industrial Generative AI solutions to enterprises’ most computationally complex problems. It has pioneered proprietary methods in generative AI, machine learning, and quantum techniques that are hardware-agnostic and run on classical (CPUs, GPUs) and quantum hardware.

Rotimatic - automated flat bread


Zimplistic is disrupting the way in which we make food at home with the world’s first robotic cooking technology, the Rotimatic. Rotimatic’s patented AI-based technology makes it easy for anyone to have fresh, low calorie, low carb whole wheat flatbreads in minutes. Zimplistic had offices in Singapore and Mountain View (US). Acquired.